The group exhibition 'Trust in Mortals' featuring works by the four exciting contemporary artists Bendix Harms (b. 1967, Germany), Igor Moritz (b. 1996, Poland), Kristian Touborg (b. 1987, Denmark) and Xavier Robles de Medina (b. 1990, Suriname) will open today.


The exhibition explores the complexities of the human experience through the eyes of four meticulous and uniquely different observers; from Harms' steel-like relationships to his subjects and Moritz's immersive empathy, to the technical constructs of Robles de Medina's seemingly emblematic paintings and Touborg's near-futuristic investigations into the relationship between humankind, nature and technology. Through the works of these four distinctive artists, we are reminded of the multitude of experiences that make up the human condition; it is the aggregate contributions of many that make up the whole.

September 16, 2022