Brigade is happy to announce the upcoming solo exhibition 'Earth, Wind & Fire', by Peruvian-German artist Berenike Corcuera (b.1994, Lima, Peru) opened Thursday 9 June at Brigade.


Corcuera's practice engages with spirituality and diasporic narratives through series of colourful appliqué works. Often self-referential the works depict elements of her own spiritual journey, from the syncretism of indigenous beliefs and catholic religious structures in Peru to her move to Europe and later search for identity and belonging in Western contemporary spirituality.


Her use of flat figures and bold colors draws on the influence of artists such as Christopher Myers and Beatriz González, while the use of photographic elements sourced from her own personal archive of original and found images look to photomontage masters such as Hannah Höch. In Corcuera's textile works these inspirations blend with techniques learned both in established institutions of fashion and design in Europe as well as with skills learned from indigenous craftsmen in Peru, to form a uniquely personal expression that shifts playfully between the hopeful, the nostalgic and the inquisitive. 

May 20, 2022