Abel Burger France, b. 1982

Abel Burger is a French artist, living and working in the Mediterranean fishing port of Port-Vendres in southern France. 


Burger is an interdisciplinary artist whose practice ranges from oil pastel and drawing to video works and written essays. In Burger's most recent work, she applies thick oil pastels on paper and balsa wood in an impasto-style to create grand, highly detailed architectural motifs. These works are inspired by her passion for ancient cultures and architectural spaces, and they explore concepts of individual mythologies in which ancient memories, energies, and beliefs come together to create a new system of images, narratives, and emotions which the artist terms 'archaeologies of the future'. 

Strongly influenced by the artistic movements of the 1990s, Burger was a central member of the Parisian underground scene, authoring texts on gender and identity, and developing series of video works. Self-taught, Burger's interdisciplinary practice has since expanded to new formats, and is currently focused on her architectural pastels. Her work has been exhibited in numerous solo shows across Europe, including Musée d'art moderne, Collioure (2021) and Baull gallery, Berlin (2020), as well as group shows at Wondering People, London (2022) and Mason Fine Arts, Atlanta, USA (2021).